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YG Arrested In VEGAS For Alleged Robbery


The Bompton rapper was sued for his role in the alleged assault and robbery of a man in a Las Vegas. YG is one who lets his life imitate art, and his next studio album Stay Dangerous, shows another example of that . According to TMZ, YG has been arrested for the same incident and charged with felony robbery charges as a result.

The arrest happened yesterday, and there is supposed video footage that shows YG yanking the gold chain off of a man, dropping it and then picking it up before he took off.  The rapper has since been released after posting $20K bail.

It all kicked off after the man was allegedly denied a photo with YG, telling him that he’s not a “real celeb” anyways. Of course, YG wasnt having none of that and shortly after , yanked the chain off his neck and made his way out of the Cosmopolitan.

The alleged victim is also suing YG for damages, claiming that YG’s team beat him up before his jewelry was taken. Stay Tuned for more on this story as it develops.