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Advertise along with the Highend Radio podcast has provided hundreds of unknown emerging artists an opportunity to be aligned with international well-known superstars, giving them exposure as well as their first experience of a professional media outlet. is a part of the Indie-Click network. The Indie-Click network is a small boutique online banner advertising network that allows brands, artist, and labels to reach a targeted demographic of urban influencers. Our network audience represents a growing group of active readers: 70% of our readers are between the ages of 16 and 34; they socialize at music, art, fashion, and niche lifestyle events more than 3 times per week. They trust the accurate and up to the minute content and have come to rely on for “what’s banging in the streets;” visiting the website up to 3 times a week.

We integrate the advertisers’ messages in a non-intrusive manner via IAB standard image banner ad units on our website and through dual ad units in our by weekly HTML email newsletters. We also offer more expansive options, which include branded giveaways and innovative, custom content development and live hosted events, exclusive video premieres, record release parties, private listening sessions, product launch, etc…

All banner advertising campaigns are sold on a weekly or monthly tenancy basis.
All advertising campaign sales are final, 100% Non-refundable. Full payment must be received and cleared in full before any advertising campaign is activated. We accept PayPal, debit and all major credit cards.  Advertising campaign accounts are usually but, not always set up within 72 hours of full payment.

Your campaign will begin on the “start date” you provided when purchasing your campaign and can not be changed. We suggest purchasing your campaign a minimum 5 days before you expect the campaign to start. You as the advertiser, are responsible for providing all the banner artwork creative with propper sizing requirements for your purchased advertising campaign package.

We offer the following IAB standard banner sizes in various campaign packages.


**Background Skin 1600×900

Custom Integrations

Takeovers Background Skin:  Background Takeovers are available on select sites and campaigns. We offer advertisers to take over a website background with a high visibility clickable site background image advertisement.

Site Takeover/Overlay:  When visitors enter the site, A pop-up overlay appears in the center of the screen blurring the site’s content. The visitors are encouraged to click the read advertisement, click the advertisement, RSVP for the event or watch the video. If the click outside of the banner or don’t take any action within 5 seconds, the banner with disappears allowing the visitors to browse the website.

Banner Design:
We offer banner design for an extra design fee of $75*, for a set of campaign banner creation.(5-day turnaround for all banner design.)

Rates/quotes are in u.s. dollars and are subject to availability and to change without notice.


Economy Package=(970×90 + 468×60 +125×125)
1-Week $10 | 1-Month $30

Basic Package =(970×90 + 300×250 + 160×600)
1-Week $15 | 1-Month $40

Indie Package=(970×250 + 300×250 + 160×600)
1-Week $25 | 1-Month $75

Ultra Indie  Package=(970×250 + 970×90 + 300×600 + 160×600)
1-Week $50 | 1-Month $175

Takeover Package=(Background Skin* + 970×250 + 300×600 + 160×600)
1-Week $75 | 1-Month $275

Exclusive Takeover Package=(Background Skin* + 970×250 + 970×90 + 300×600 + 160×600
1-Week $100 | 1-Month $350


Please Email us at: to find more information about advertising on the Website.