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White Man In Riverfront Brawl Used N-word Claims Employee

Crystal Warren was working at the dock where the fight occurred, and she claimed that one of the white perpetrators yelled the N-word to a deckhand.

The moment was said to have taken place following a riverboat co-captain’s attempts to get private boaters to move from an area designated for his vessel. After being met with “middle fingers and curses,” the aforementioned deckhand and Warren’s 16-year-old son took matters into their own hands by moving the boats out of the way themselves. In response, Warren said that a white man yelled “F**k that n**ger.” In addition, during the widely publicized melee, another white man allegedly threatened to go and get a gun.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Montgomery Police Chief Darryl J. Albert revealed one of the co-captains of the Harriett II riverboat to be Damien Pickett. He also confirmed that the white group failed to properly react to Pickett’s requests to make way for the larger ship.

“The co-captain was then picked up by a separate vessel and brought to the pier in an attempt to have a conversation with the private boat owners and/or have those boats moved, so the Harriett could dock,” Pickett explained in a news conference on Tuesday (Aug. 8). “A confrontation ensued… Mr. Pickett, the co-captain, [was] attacked by several members of the private boat. Several members of the Harriott II came to Mr. Pickett’s defense, engaging in what we all have seen since on social media.”