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Wack 100, Clubhouse King, Hip Hop’s Cancer pt. 1

Let’s be absolutely clear… This has nothing to do with being a successful music executive, this is JUST about what we all dislike aboutWack 100, his disrespect, speaking on the dead, facilitate Crip business… A FOR SURE no no within gang culture.

If Skyline Piru’s have a internal issues, a Rolling 60’s Crip cannot and will not interfere in Blood business and FOR SURE vice versa. It’s a rule as old as don’t snitch. In prison within the Black population it’s Blood business, Crip business, and BLACK business. An trust me it’s more detailed than that. No exceptions. And in that department Wack hasn’t been 100.

Here is a guy that made it out the hood, became successful in the music industry, manager to some of hip hop’s hottest artists That is the Wack 100 I met some years ago. Not sure if he knows, but people wish they could be in his “executive” shoes, to young homies Wack is a real inspiration. But all that plays backseat to his recent favorite online platform Clubhouse. where he holds conversations, open to the public about gang/street business.

Not lacing up and coming artists about the music industry. How marketing works, becoming a owner of multiple companies. inciting unity within the Black and Brown community. Not tearing down the young ese homie saying he would NEVER work with Sureno’s. Unaware of ANY progress in motion to heal that rivalry.

See, bringing street politics into the music industry. The two simply DO NOT work. Ever heard of a label called “Death Row”?

Puffy never tears down other men, Jermaine Dupri, J Prince, Dame Dash, Top Dogg, the brothers over at Quality Control, all successful music executives, all with some sort of street ties, and doing a great job keeping the two separate unless it comes out in the music.

I’m sure Wack is surrounded by yes men or nobody from his generation, so Wack just do wtf he want as if there can’t be any repercussions to his antics. When does Baby, who’s Cash Money West label, Wack is in charge of, step in and say “yo Wack, chill fam just get richer, stick to the music bro. New York cats want smoke with him, LA , Bay Area, Alanta, even some Pacoima homies wanna rip his head off.

Total misuse of the Blessings God gave him.  If that same energy was 90% used for music, Wack 100 could easily become a even more successful executive than he is instead of everytime we see his face we know he is arguing with someone, disrespecting someone, some sort of negative vibe that usually winds up mixing Piru politics to drive attention to his screwed up agenda. Do better black man… You owe it to the young one’s.

(To Be Continued)