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Sacramento Rapper The Gatlin Releases Diss Track

Sacramento Rapper The Gatlin, known for hits like “Nigga With The Sac”, and “Middle To The Sky” releases his diss track and video aimed at fellow SacTown rapper Qu Dawg.

The Gatlin

The song “I Smell Pussy” is aggressive and disrespectful, the main ingredients in any diss track or rap beef. A beef that stems back a couple of weeks, when the aforementioned Qu Dawg appeared on “The Rap Shack” a Northern “Cali” based hip-hop video blog. Qu Dawg was questioned about his involvement with a rap battle produced by The Gatlin, in which Qu Dawg felt slighted by the promoters and results. In response to that interview,  The Gatlin took to social media and aired out to simply put it, Qu Dawg, he followed that up with song and video for “I Smell Pussy”. The track starts with a scene from “House Party” where the muscled members of “Full Force” reciting the infamous line “What’s That Smell?… I Smell Pussy.

The Gatlin “I Smell Pussy”

The Rap Shack Interview With Qu Dawg

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