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Who Runs This Town… Nino Califonya or KT Foreign? The Gloves Are Off!

Sometime yesterday rising rap artist Kt Foreign posted “free me” in Facebook post that hinted he may be locked up… (not good) shortly after, San Diego’s Nino Califonya left a comment that wasn’t talking friendly or freedom, for the Cali artist. (see comment below)

This nigga Kt Foreign talkin bout free him! Where he at? Detention? He ain’t in the county or da pen! Niggas fake videos wit the police then fake locced up for some sympathy! Where y’all find these niggas? This who y’all followin around? This who y’all want to rep our city?! No wonder niggas act funny to u niggas and u gotta pay 2 hang out bro!🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤣 smh I’m done! (see video)

KT jabs back… (see comments below)

So you got 2 strikes then went to jail for breaking an entering/burglary and attempted murder & You out them got the police saying you talk to them all the time I ain’t the smartest man in the world but that don’t sound to bright 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 #OfficerNina

Now Nino released “Finish Him” today, so hey, let’s see where this goes.


Now earlier this month West Coast DJ, DJ Birdy Bird posted…  (see comments below)                                                     DJ Birdy Bird


p.s… Nino California vs. KT Foreign Has To Happen iDon’t Care Who Doesn’t Like It. Especially Since WE All Say We About Money Right?!?!

The ALL KNOWING Birdy Bird said it first… Well whatever is brewing is the south east, this could get real interesting, both very talented artists, heavy on their grind.  As long as this STAYS HIP HOP her.com  will be courtside.