[Video] Cadillac Shorty ‘No Visits’ ft. Billy Blue | @305cadillac – High End Radio

[Video] Cadillac Shorty ‘No Visits’ ft. Billy Blue | @305cadillac

Cadillac Shorty just released a heart felt new single “No Visits” that anyone can relate to that has ever been incarcerated. As well as a very touching emotional music video that portrays a very great edits of scenes from the lyrics of the single. The single can be found on all digital platforms and the music video can be found on Youtube.

On December 11, 1989 the long awaited arrival of a star was finally over for parents Marvin Davis Sr. and Vernell Robison when Marvin Darrell Davis Jr. entered the world inside of Jackson hospital. Marvin’s father was then known as “Cadillac Shorty” throughout Florida, and decades later life’s impact on Marvin Jr. would conceive the therapeutic birth of the street smart artist and musically inclined “Cadillac.”

Hailing from Miami, young Marvin dwelled in various south Florida neighborhoods. Determined to provide the best for Marvin and his two siblings his mother, Vernell was constantly on the move in search of perfection for her children even if it meant relocating until she found it, one of those neighborhoods being Liberty City.

In 1999, Cadillac discovered his talent as a rap artist which presented us with our initial taste of his abilities; although, his passion was football. After the tragic death of his beloved father in 2005 on the fast paced streets of Liberty City, he took the solace of his rap to the streets; the place that offered another option in aiding him with resuming the duty of providing as the man of the house. Soon Cadillac quickly ran from the football field to hustling, hustling came natural, and it was a fast way to make money.

However, after the heart wrenching casualty of losing more friends and family in the streets he decided to find another way out. Determined not to be a statistic he began to free style and write more every day. At this point music would prove to be a life line that would provide beyond the pen and pad where his lyrical content existed privately. History was truly in the making. Cadillac went from writing to appearing in the local clubs that fiend for his talent.

When it comes to other artists Cadillac is musically influenced by rap artist Jay-Z, the Rap group Hotboyz, and the now solo rap artist Lil Wayne. But the movement of Miami hip-hop artists such as Trick Daddy, Brisco, and Rick Ross has a heightened level of admiration in his life. Cadillac loves music with a passion and he is more than determined to become one of the biggest rappers of his time. Much like his musical influences he is going to do whatever it takes, and for however long it takes to get there.

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