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The Top 10 Future Jobs In The Music Business

The music business is evolving just like any other forward looking industry, and tech is playing a larger part than ever in how it runs. That means that new types of jobs are being created all the time, and you can expect more in the future. Billboard asked movers and shakers from all areas of the industry what they saw as the jobs of the future and received some enlightened answers. Here are 10 of the 40 jobs that they came up with, along with some of my comments:

1. Personal Documentarian – An artist’s life is more and more under a microscope but it’s increasing important to have a professional do the work necessary to present the artist under the best light (not to mention to have the ultimate scrapbook for the future).

2. Prosperity Psychologist – This one is fascinating but necessary. When an artist tastes success it’s been proven time and again that the adjustment to a new lifestyle can be difficult. A prosperity psychologist will help the artist get used to the increased demands, security and possibilities while staying sane at the same time.

3. Royalties Miner – Although there are many attempts to streamline the process, digital royalties are a morass of different variables that change from platform to platform and country to country. The royalties miner will have the expertise to know where to look for those lost royalties without having to use a  professional and expensive auditor.

4. Bilingual Vocal Coach – Our industry has become truly global and the artist that can sing in multiple languages will have a distinct advantage over everyone else. In fact, this may be necessary for true stardom in the future. The Beatles showed how well the strategy could work way back in the 60s with German and French-oriented songs.

5. Hologram Developer – Many thought it was creepy at first, but now holograms of our favorite artists from the past are in demand, and will be even more in the future. It’s easier said than done though, and a new kind of specialist is required.

6. Voice Activation Expert – Voice command on smart speakers has been a boon to music consumption, but there’s still a lot of quirks to be worked out.

7. Metadata Repairman – If you want to get paid or receive credit for your work, you need to make sure the metadata is properly submitted. Although there are new solutions being introduced (see the SCP Studio Select post on my production blog), there are always going to submission mistakes, and someone has to fix them.

8. Playlist Scientist – If you’re not aware of it by now, you should be – playlists are the key to success on any streaming network. That means there’s an opening for a specialist that covers all platforms.

9. Social Media Amplifier – This is someone who monitors trends in different countries and places videos or posts by the artist on selected playlists and blogs to raise visibility.

10. Crossover Ambassador – This is a person at a record label that specializes in introducing artists to international audiences, which as many have found, is not an easy task for most artists.

There are another 30 jobs on the list and they’re all fascinating. If you’re looking for a job in the music industry, it pays to be aware of these new jobs that are being created.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski