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The Game Says The Feds Are Using Tekashi

You don’t wish jail on your opponent and don’t celebrate if he or she is locked up.

The Game seems to be following that unwritten rule. At least based on some comments he made about Tekashi 6ix9ine, who was arrested last month on federal racketeering charges.

Even though the Compton rapper and Tekashi beefed with each other earlier this year, he said what the feds are doing to the 22-year-old is sad, and they’re merely using him to scare others.

What’s happening to that young dude, they’re using him as an example,” said Game. “I wouldn’t wish jail on my worst enemy. I been to jail. I don’t f— with jail. Jail is to break a real man from who you are. You ain’t got to be no gangster to be a real man. I’m real sympathetic for, number one, that man’s daughter, and I’m sympathetic to his situation. I don’t like jail. I don’t f— with pigs and that’s what it is. I don’t like it.”