Kanye West pissed off a lot of people when he stood by Donald Trump and further alienated himself when he hopped on TMZ Live and said that slavery sounded like a choice. ‘Ye might’ve attempted to do damage control with a half-assed explanation on Twitter but that didn’t help his case. Many of his collaborators have not only distanced themselves from him but have also spoke out against what he seems to believe. However, one person that seems to be sticking by ‘Ye’s side is The Game.After Kanye made the slavery comments on TMZ Live, The Game hopped on Twitter to suggest that no one can question ‘Ye unless they’ve achieved the same level of greatness. The Game spoke to Billboard about his comments and he has further explained why he stands by Kanye.

“Don’t think for a minute that his actions and plan weren’t well thought out and set up for his goal to reach his maximum potential. Kanye will always be a friend of mine & although I might not necessarily agree with his views on certain topics, that is what separate us as individuals.” He said.

He continued to suggest that this is part of a bigger ploy to cause reactions from people. “He has gotten great at preying on the minds of people & causing commotion when he sees fit and is a big enough icon for it to have an effect of catastrophic proportion on both people and media which at times go hand & hand.”

He later explained that Kanye’s just being Kanye and as soon as people accept that, they’ll be “more comfortable you’ll be when you slide back into your Yeezy’s.” And stated that “the strategy was always to ‘MAKE AMERICA YE’ AGAIN.'”