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Spotify, Who’s Faking Plays On Users Accounts

It’s been nearly two years since MBW kicked off a global conversation over ‘fake artists’ on Spotify. That debate is about to roar back into life.

Multiple Spotify users have been complaining that their official listening history on Spotify appears to have been infiltrated by acts that they don’t simply recognize.

The trend was spotted by the BBC, which reported on Friday (January 25) that plays of ‘mystery’ tracks from artists such as Bergenulo Five, Bratte Night, DJ Bruej and Doublin Night were being credited within individual Spotify user accounts –  despite these same users knowing nothing about this music.

Apart from being musically unremarkable, they generally have a few things in common: short songs with few or no lyrics, illustrated with generic cover art, and short, non-descriptive song titles,” said the Beeb of these acts – some of whom had managed to rack up tens of thousands of plays.

Albums from these artists contained more than 40 songs apiece, with each track just a minute or two in duration.

After the BBC alerted Spotify to the trend, all of these artists disappeared from its platform entirely.

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