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Santa Barbara Hip-Hop Takes Flight / OWL Entertainment

For years, Santa Barbara has been relatively quiet on the hip-hop front, but one group is working to change that — and succeeding. Meet OWL Entertainment, the growing label founded by rapper Adam “Savv” Melvin that has quickly become one of the 805’s most exciting sets of musical artists. An acronym for Obviously We’re Lyrical, OWL has a style that’s powerful and inspirational, a force of good nature representing S.B.’s until-now underground hip-hop scene.

Few area artists of any genre have sparked the same kind of buzz as OWL has in the last few years. Savv’s video for “Trippin’ (Remix),” featuring OWL co-owner Nessie G and fellow OWLentertainer TZ (aka Sean Toedter), garnered more than 20,000 views on YouTube in less than a week of its 2017 release. “We used what Santa Barbara had to offer and made something crazy. I’m proud of it,” said TZ.

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Watch OWL Ent Artists below…

SAVV – Trippin’ Remix feat TZ & Nessie G (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Savv & TZ Ridin’ Round Here –  (Official Music Video)

Suga Free Co signs OWL Ent.