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Rick Ross ft. Finn Matthews- Pinned To The Cross (Official Video) + Lyrics

Lyrics: I said young black man, You are now living in a public state of emergency Middle class and poor people being attached daily dealing with so much hostility Negative socialism, I refuse to be petrified There’s no mercy for the rivals They want the rich niggas to live in total silence Exile Flee the country More assassinations Let’s go When you forced to be feeling, strangers consider you careless Detrimental to my upbringing, I felt so abandoned I was lost in confusion, therefore had nothing to lose Now I’m running the rack and niggas got cut from the noose I just want to be free another, black man on the run We was pinned to the cross since I birthed under the sun Ain’t no hate in my heart, I’ve adapted to rage Stepped off the stage pussy nigga right back in the cage Now we burning the streets Christ to the cross Our position is blatant Rightfully lost Let’s empower the people no need for signing petitions Thieves and revelations scriptures keep on blinding these Christians I’m in search of the truth We each have a flaw Soon as Dre hit the roof she filed for divorce Van Jones go get a broom, never making no laws Terry Crews is another coon who was basically bought CHORUS: Some say my eyes are like brown diamonds buried in the snow but i see pain we have in common, it’s not all beautiful So if i cry and these brown diamonds wash along the shore It’s cuz i know the shit you been through and you made it beautiful You made it (made it, made it made it) You made it beautiful Racists killing for cotton Niggas fighting for honor In the South your forgotten Call my city the bottom Kilos get to deposits Living like it’s the lotto This my moment of glory Grandiose’ is the dollar Always posting your sneakers You’re the one that they follow I’m a born to be leader, such a collection of knowledge Are we dead or alive, unforgettable highs know the lord looking down, for the day that we rise Got my pistols all on me, niggas my Christopher us homie Black on black issues over principles peep your opponent Who got the most money? Well that’s yet to be seen Cause I’m still counting mine, such an incredible thing In seek of true wealth Great example for niggas You decide it yourself, I considered it business You still in the trenches, where they made us relentless Where the reward is little But the hate is tremendous CHORUS Now I’m in a McLaren, still racing those commas I’m watching for Karen, she watching bird watchers, Still I wish her the best, Ray Charles in the flesh Pavarotti to some, Quincy Jones to the rest Muddy waters to marble, Set my city aflame Turn my back on the mere fact that they would rattle my cage, I don’t want to argue, but I wanted a raise Got me pinned to the cross, as the sinners will wave Such a body of work, my debut was a classic, HOV gave me a verse, so that kept it attractive My whole crew was submerged DEA wanted an address Make a play with a pussy with a few mill in a mattress My life needed a balance, didn’t come for the status, But my mother responsible, she raised me so lavish Look son you’re a king, were the words she recited, And they kept me excited, till the day I’m indicted