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Music Review: ADH – (Unplugged)

ADH Unplugged is a 12-track acoustic album from a live performance in New Brunswick. ADH currently resides in New Jersey, but hails from Brooklyn, NY where he grew up listening to Jay & B.I.G.

Now I posted this review for a couple of reasons… When was the last time you may have even heard a “live” hip hop album? Jay’s MTV (unplugged) maybe? Well an artist like ADH provides an experience with music and are typically the ones that see longevity in their careers.Nah ADH isn’t trap, mad gangsta or anything like that, but he secures the fact that hip hip isn’t just what’s displayed online with artists that may be more popular today.  Though I can’t say ADH has been in the hip-hop scene for a long time, it appears he is on the right path and plans to be around for a while. ADH Unplugged is a perfect blend of sounds as ADH’s and guest vocals weave in and out of each song. This is definitely a unique release by this independent artist, take notes.

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