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(Movie Review) “PACKZ”

Starring… Ramone Stewart a.k.a. Lil Sicc. Deandre Bonds, Markice Moore,Antwon Tanner, Golden Brooks, Samuel Monroe Jr. (Players Club) & more.

Packz is the remarkable story of a young Texas brotha egar to shine in the music industry…. Sicc packs up an says goodbye to the lone star state he once called home and slid to Hollywood. However realizing California Isn’t all bright as it seems on the outside trying to get in… Sicc new it would be challenging. Not being from LA, or affiliated with any gang, chasin a rap career Sicc knows this will not come easy.

Shortly after landing on the West some extra curricular was a must witch doubles to one of his first real people Sicc connects with. When you have a dream and other people see your worth and how relentless you can be to win is priceless. Remember moving back to Texas is not an option.

With a supporting cast of well seasoned actors and actresses this story will have you routing for Sicc to win!. Some things are worth fighting for… One of the better indie films I have seen this year, with out the extra violence, “Packz” has a purpose, and you want to actually see Sicc win. Now streaming on the TUBI app. Check it.

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