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Is Beef Funny? Black Comedy’s Internal Conflict



By Christian Jamaal



Last week Red Grant and Katt Williams sat down with the Frank and Wanda Morning Show on Atlanta’s v103. The interview started with the hosting duo talking to Former Wild’n’Out cast members about their upcoming shows in Atlanta. They also discussed Red’s experience raising his 9-year-old daughter. The conversation then shifted to the other comedian in the room the Legendary Katt Williams. Wanda and Katt got off to a good start but took a drastic turn for the worse when the topic of Tiffany Haddish came up. Katt and Wanda went back and forth about the star power of Tiffany Haddish. The topic then ventured off to Katt’s opinion on other black comics and

Katt after his Emmy win for his part on Vh1’s Atlanta

there push from white society being the reason for their success. Katt in true Katt form had words for many of his peers, calling out Kevin Hart Jerrod Carmichael Lil Rel and Hannibal Buress for being as Katt put it “Ugly” and not Funny. The conversation ended with Wanda taking jabs at Katt about his legal problems and his hairdo. Katt returned with comedic haymakers at the Atlanta radio host.


(Later that evening Katt and Wanda had another run in, eventually leading to a situation with Wanda’s husband pulling out a gun on Katt.)


Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish at Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Morning Show


Later that week Kevin Hart responded to Katt via Instagram. Speaking broadly about people hating on the success of others after blowing their own blessings. He also spoke to the close relationship he and Tiffany Haddish shared and that he was particularly disappointed that her talent was disrespected by Katt.

Lil Rel

Jerrod Carmichael


The following week Kevin and Tiffany sat down with Charlamagne the God and The Breakfast Club. Almost from the very start of the interview Kevin Hart discredited and showed his mixed feeling of admiration and disgust for Katt. He told the audience to focus on the fact that at one time Katt was the top guy in black comedy and how he lost that spot due to drugs use and erratic behavior. He also spoke on fellow comic Mike Epps saying how he had also been the main cause for the lack of success in his career. Tiffany expressed her disappointment in Katt’s comments and that she and Katt had spoken since with him at the 2018 Emmys with him apologizing and also trying to further clarify his comments. Kevin interjected multiple times during Haddish’s talk time clearly irritated by Katt and the whole situation, stating how he was “Tiff’s big brother” upholding her honor, or as he put it “going to get his little sister’s ball back”.

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish


Mike Epps

After Kevin’s spirited interview the black comedy world was abuzz with responses and opinions,

 Red Grant is one of those that responded to The Breakfast Club interview through a post via Instagram. In the post, Red talked about how the interview situation in Atlanta started and he also spoke about Kevin and Tiffany being disrespectful on the topic of Katt and his indiscretions speaking to the fact that Kevin had never seen Katt Williams use drugs.



Mike Epps and Leslie Jones also responded to the Kevin Hart interview with the Jones releasing a scathing review of the treatment of her and other female comics.
Epps later went back and forth with Hart on social media.

Leslie Jones


The Og Cedric The Entertainer also chimed in his thoughts about all the dissension in “Black Comedy” as of late check out his comments below