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I2J – “Alysídes Apó Ton Apóllona” / Album Review

From the moment play is pressed, there is a different vibe and energy.

“Alysídes Apó Ton Apóllona” the latest studio work from So Cal artist, I2J. Unique title? Of coursre. And I would have been disappointed had he used that title and sonically sounded like EVERYONE else… Autotune etc.

But thats not what were getting here. .

On records like “Crafter Of Words” I2J decides he wants to turn up the speeda notch or 2 or 3, and that he does well. Not only does he set himself apart from what every artist is doing today, but he maintains your interest with not delivering the same vibe throughout the album.

Self produced,  so every record is custom made and written to fit every time. “Devine Healer” reminds self… When you fall, get up and keep pushin. Alot of heavy chants, almost like crowd participation is expected.

Great body of work, especially if you love hip hop but need something sonically fresh…

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