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DJ Almond Eyez – Ascend (Official Audio) + “Open” (Official Video)

Outta San Diego comes DJ Almond Eyez with her latest studio project titled “Ascend” , a mixture of… R&B, Neo Soul, an for sure Hip Hop. Not sure how or who she is inspired by, but her bars are not of this era. Real topics with delivery to back it up. One would ask why isn’t she sittin like the rest of her female counterparts in the game today?  It’s obviously not her lane… OBVIOUSLY. The young home girl is a triple threat, not only is she barred up, but her vocals are rippin’ hooks through  this whole project, in addition, the  “DJ” title is VERY accurate as well. Catch DJ Almond Eyez spinning some of today’s dopest hits around Southern Cali keepin’ it lit… frfr. But right now… Stream “Ascesnd” below.

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