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DA[Y]GO 2 – RyanAnthony Official San Diego Gang Anthem

Spring Valley hitmaker San Diego repping RyanAnthony did the impossible, He let the city shine and rep they set in a real way.   In his latest video DA[Y]GO 2 RyanAnthony was able to give the world a real look into the streets of San Diego California.  DA[Y]GO 2 is a remake of sorts of RyanAnthony’s original DA[Y]GO song a few years back, which featured appearances by a variety of San Diego Artist, local celebs, and neighborhoods. This time around on the visuals for DA[Y]GO 2  RyanAnthony kept it too real for TV.  For the DA[Y]GO 2 video shoot he pulled off something that has never been done in San Diego. In the video for DA[Y]GO 2 he managed to bring together several gang members and neighborhood to create a song and video that the whole city can turn up to.  And he managed to do it with no drama.  Yeah, That Part!  Shot all around San Diego Directed by @TheDirectorLuke.  The  DA[Y]GO 2 Video features the best of the best repping the city and their turf like Real Gansta’s do.  DA[Y]GO 2 Video features some OG’s like Big June, Damu, Twisted Insane, C-Hecc, Dezzy Hollow, 12 Gauge Shotie, and Lil C.S.  Plus Young gunners like Lil Weirdo, Googie Monsta, Lil 5ive, Lil Grifo all Repping their hood making DAYGO Proud.

Shout out to RyanAnthony!  You did that.