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All Money In Brings Home Another Ring

El Rey Theatre is the location where HIP HOP HISTORY unfolded.
It’s been 3 years since the tragic loss of Nipsey Hussle, and since then members of All Money In haven’t been as visible as we the fans would like… Not that they haven’t been workin but that unit we were all used to seeing. Sure the Puma ads bring them together along with Lauren London, Nips star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame brought a united front. But nothing like what took place a week ago when DJ V.I.P. ,Cobby, J Stone, BH, Killa Twan, Cuzzy Capone & Pac-Man Tha Gunman all came together to show the non believers that it’s All Money In Til The End!!!
Blacc Sam was for sure in the building, shaking hands, taking photos, smiling the entire time. It felt good seeing him feel good.

Rich Jimmy Jr / Scrooge McDucc, not sure if he’s a new A$I artist but he ais for sure their homie from the hood just touched down an on his shit musically. Performing an unreleased record titled “Super Freak” I blew his phone up til he sent me the exclusive. Definitely on our radar.

Cuzzy Capone hit the stage ripped through a couple joints then brought out his bro Wee Dogg so now… the “Cracc Babies” are effortlessly spittin “Beat Street” so lyrical. Then closed his set out with “The Weather” “Reporting Live From The Land Of The Hopeless”

Pacman Da Gunman slowly walked onto the stage talking to the crowd, then right away transitioned into an obvious fan favorite “Fuck Niggas” in his calm laid back vibe. Then the infamous bass line came on and the El Ray Theater went nuts!!! “Big Guns Big Guns I Got Big Guns” y’all know the rest.

Killa Twan, so at home with his Slauson bros, and it’s beautiful watching the color lines hold no weight amongst them. Hitting the stage givin it up for Hu$$le an G.I. Joe and immediately goin into “6 Feet” the monster collabo he and Joe have, and the bars are incredible. Transitioning into “East Side West Side” the unreleased collaboration with Figg Newton who comes out to assist his homie as they trade bars back and forth… It was a movie!

Cobby Supreme asks 1 question… You know why I do this shit? FOR NIP! The crowd goes nuts. After giving em “Sirens” and “Hood Legend” the Supreme loc is joined on stage by the hottest young rapper outta LA, Spiffie Luciano. 1 time 2 times 3 times 4times, giving DJ V.I.P. the nod to press play on “Stand Up Nigga” only to be joined on stage right after with his team homies an fam to deliver his verse from “Checc Me Out” AMB business.

BH, what more can I say, hits the stage runnin through his array of hits and loans the stage to non other than the Blue Bucks Klan. What a surprise for the whole building. BH also brings out Buddy who in turn hits us with “Status Symbol 2”. Long Live Nip Hu$$le.

The Closer… J Stone let’s the beginning of “All Get Right” play so the crowd knows exactly what they are about to get… “I’m infant Stone/ I just came home” an for sure y’all know the rest. And from there it was hit after hit only to finish up with “The Marathon Continues”
It was a movie…