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Adonis ThaHottest / Can I Ask You A Question? (review)

So we took 2 an a half days to stream this new project from San Diego’s Adonis DaHottest “Can I Ask You A Question?”

15 new bangers with guest appearances from Batiffany, Lil Knoc, Don Elway, Lay Bandormore, Fudgalino, & more. Everyone playing their part artistically.

Once you press play We Don’t Play  comes thru the speakers with a suspenseful start. Delivering bars, giving just a hint of the melodic capabilities that the East Dago resident has in store.

Not many skippable songs on here, so when you slide into track 2, I’m So Trey5 AD That BEAST is warmed up and this one ended up on repeat.

Throughout the entire project your going to get changes in delivery, vibe changes and swag. What The Fuck Is A Pillow? No… WTF Is A 🔥 Streaming album? This is it, Adonis ThaHottest “Can I Ask You A Question”

Stand out track’s are… I’m So Trey5/Like I’m Supposed To/Mafia Shyt/Gun Powder/Return If Possible (R.I.P Kalioso)

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