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A Rage Within “Lady of Rage’s Medical Struggle”


Legendary West Coast Hip-Hop artist of The Lady of Rage took to Instagram today.  Sharing with the world about her ongoing personal medical problems.  Rage revealed that she’s been struggling with a mysterious illness that has plagued her for quite a while.  At times leaving her hospitalized and confined to her bed.

One of the incidents took place this past July in New Orleans.  Rage who was born Robin Yvette Allen was in the city to attend the Essence Music Festival. She had been scheduled to perform with Snoop Dogg and Dougie Fresh.  At the hotel before show Rage felt under the weather and felt progressively worse as the day went on.  Until she blacked out and or passed out, and woke up to people surrounding her.  Left with a fractured orbital eye socket, fractured nose, and bruises covering parts of her face.  Unable to perform she checked into a local hospital where she was treated for her injuries caused by this mystery illness.

Doctors have wrongly diagnosed her numerous times.  Once it was Fibromyalgia another time Pneumonia, and yet another being diagnosed with Depression.  Countless medications, medical bills, and doctors have yet figured the cause or even a name for the condition for The Lady of Rage.
You can read her post below