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Inside The Bossin Lifestyle…

The focus is exclusivity… And that’s what founder of the “Bossin Lifestyle” Nick Bossin had in mind back in 2016 when the first pieces of Bossin were created.

When it comes to urban fashion, the most high end apparel will create designs that will get the attention of the urban demographic.

Now when you actually a product of inner city, it allows you to create designs without following what’s now because you ARE the trend… Bossin came in during a time when all you needed was a dope name  on a shirt and your a “clothing line”. No actual unique ensemble.

So in order to stand out, Nick made Bossin a lifestyle. Of course you had the standard tshirts, hoodies, spaghetti straps for the ladies etc. But he insisted on becoming fashion forward, learning what was in season, quality material, designs for the work place, or happy hour. From sheer blouses, to crisp button ups, beenies for the winter, cargo shorts for the summer. All available off the rack (retail ready).


No basic direct to garment here, Nick found ways to be different with marketing,  becoming a part time stylist for every up and coming model, indie recording artist at that time. Did I mention he was the director an camera man as well? Doing what major brands pay someone to create for them. His vision could only be translated through his eyes.

Also the Bossin brand was recognized nationally when hip hop legend Twista rocked the brand during a recent Drink Champs interview.

Weather bright red or hot turcios, mono chrome or dye to match. Nick Bossin has created a brand that has outlasted so many others, and still hasn’t fully made his mark in the fashion industry. But hey they still young with nothing to do but grow.

Tap into the “Bossin Lifestyle” you are a boss aren’t you?